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Bali has become as one of the most sought-after locations worldwide to construct a new house. Bali, which TripAdvisor named the finest place to visit in the world, offers tropical lifestyle at reasonable prices along with top-notch dining and shopping options.


Bali Land Laws

In order to ensure legal compliance when building in Bali, there are local laws and guidelines that must be adhered to. All the legal responsibilities for your new Bali villa can be taken care of with the aid of our team.

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What's the cost of building a Villa in Bali?

When comparing like-for-like properties, building in Bali is less expensive than other western nations. A typical villa costs between $600 and $1,200 (SGD) per square meter when prices are estimated based on build area. Most projects fall within this pricing range, however the cost will depend on the quality of the materials.

Calculating the cost of a development will depend on the size necessary because a villa's size directly affects construction costs in Bali. Costs for larger versus smaller villas will differ.


It's crucial to take outfitting into account when estimating the overall cost of construction in Bali. More furniture is needed for larger villas, which raises the overall cost of construction. Typically, furnishings cost between $10,000 and $30,000 SGD on average.

Building a Villa in Bali VS other countries.

Building in Bali is typically less expensive than in most western nations when comparing equivalent build sizes and materials. Prices in other South East Asian nations, such as Thailand or even other parts of Indonesia, can be lower than those in Bali, but they often provide less in terms of a return on investment.

The cost of land varies drastically around the island. Rural parts and the north of the island are where you may find the cheapest real estate, while Canggu, Seminyak, and Uluwatu are more expensive. Additionally, beachfront villas command high prices.

How big should I build my Villa?

The budget, needs, and size of the property are taken into consideration while determining the size of the villa.

Higher villas can be purchased with larger expenditures. As short-term vacation rentals, larger villas with 3 or 4 bedrooms typically outperform those with fewer bedrooms and can yield the largest return on investment.


One of the primary limitations while creating a villa is the size of the land available. A pool is strongly advised in the tropical heat, and most villas in Bali are no taller than three storys.


Our architects can design the ideal layout for your property because they are professionals at making the most of available space.

How long does a Villa's building process take?

Villa construction normally takes six months to a year on average. The number of levels and the size of a build are the main determinants of build time. Smaller constructions, for example 1 bedroom villas, can be finished in as little as three to five months.

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