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Bali Villa


Got Property offers a complete villa management service throughout Bali. Our villa management crew has extensive experience in all aspects of vacation villa management, including cleaning, cooking, gardening, and guest management.

Bali Villa
Bali Villa

When owners are away, they frequently rent out their vacation home. We can handle every element of running your vacation rental, including scheduling visitors and making sure they have a 5-star experience. Our staff can utilize whatever booking site you like (like or Airbnb) or can make recommendations depending on which sites offer the best returns on investment and the most bookings.



What does Villa Management include?

Our Bali villa management services are created to make maintaining a vacation rental hassle-free. Our management team can take care of every detail of your vacation rental and guarantee a wonderful stay for your visitors.

 This comprises of:

  • Cleaning, maintenance, inspections, and handyman services

  • Restocking the villa with necessities.

  • Making a listing on websites that facilitate online hotel reservations, such as Airbnb,, etc.

  • Optimize your listing to get more reservations and more lucrative ones.

  • Synchronizing calendars between different platforms to avoid repeated bookings.

  • Keeping in touch with visitors throughout their entire stay (pre, during and post).

  • Airport transfers for visitors.

  • Dynamic pricing based on popularity and demand to guarantee high nightly rates and occupancy.

  • Coordination of the workers at your property for tasks like cleaning, gardening, and maintenance.

  • Processing of all reservations and payments through preferred or suggested platforms.

  • Making a guide of the neighborhood and the house for visitors.

  • Tax and legal advice.

What is the cost of Villa Management?

In Bali, management fees for villas typically range between 20 and 30 percent of the gross revenue from bookings.

With total management starting at just 20% of the booking revenue + villa operational costs, BGP offers very affordable prices for villa management.

Our villa management services often pay for themselves because we can increase the quantity and quality of reservations thanks to our knowledgeable vacation rental team.

What is the cost of Villa Management?

First off, we handle all the hassles associated with maintaining your villa so you can relax and reap the rewards of your investment.

Second, our crew has extensive knowledge in all facets of villa management in Bali. We can optimize your listing on sites like Airbnb so that you show up higher in search results and get more reservations.


Lastly, the increase in reservations will typically cover our costs, and you will see a larger return on your capital.

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